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LeadershipBeyond Academics


A successful person in the twenty-first century needs more than academic grades. It requires a young person to discover the best they can be in multiple fields – sports, public speaking, music, arts, leadership, design thinking, an entrepreneurial mindset, a sense of adventure, a contribution to the community.

Students have multiple opportunities to self-discovery. The range of sports facilities and specialist coaching have not only given students an opportunity to represent the school at the state and national levels, but also encouraged a healthy lifestyle. The annual adventure camps teach students wilderness survival and the joys of trekking in the Mountains. The student leadership program creates self-confidence and the field trips to orphanages & old age homes guides them to become useful and responsible members of the society.

The student council is a democratic process to give students a voice, a say in school governance in specific areas. Student members learn about teamwork, leadership and above all, the democratic process and civic responsibility.

Our leadership activities help
students to:

  • Become more self-aware
  • Identify improvement areas
  • Boost self-esteem and morale
  • Practice public speaking skills
  • Develop their organizational skills and the ability to manage others
  • Develop overall personality and promote 'can-do' attitudes

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